Glenn Wargo’s Astrology Notes #1

As just about all readers of this blog know, astrology is a load of bunk, hokum, hooey, or as Dr. Beachcombing would say, “cobblers”.  But, in the hands of Glenn Wargo of Amateur Astronomers, Inc (AAI), it becomes material for his  sometimes suprisingly accurate, always comedic, astrology reports.  With his permission of course, I present the latest in horoscopic humor from Glenn.  Enjoy.


Sports: With Mercury under Gemini’s Castor and Pollux on 7/29, it’s time to check if the Twins’ bats are heating up.

Pets: The Southern Delta Aquarid meteors will peak on 7/30. Clean or replace the pebbles at the bottom of your fish tank, or risk getting pelted.

Personal: With bright Vega having waited quietly to shine in the eastern sky until after Taurus the Bull has set, expect that vegans will take some pains to avoid a beef.


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