Glenn Wargo’s Astrology Notes #10

Since this is the most popular feature on the blog, here are all the recent installments of AAI’s Glenn Wargo’s cosmic comments that I should have posted in the last few weeks.  Enjoy.


Personal: With the 3.96 magnitude star 10 Ursae Majoris in Lynx since 1928, stay alert as you dig out the winter clothing.  You may spot something you misplaced a long time ago.

Health: With Uranus going into opposition on 10/07, keep a few things in mind:  Fiber.  Roughage.  Stool softener.

Style: Total eclipse of the Moon at 06:51 EDT October 8 will look best from the West Coast and Pacific.  A sure sign Jersey girls have packed their sarongs away until next summer.

News: With Ophiuchus the Healer setting in the west in the evening sky, you will see shortcomings of western medicine reported on the evening news.

News: Earth is coming into position to view the orbital plane of Jupiter’s Galilean moons exactly edge-on, which makes a “season” of moon-on-moon occultations possible.  Io will pass in front of Callisto before dawn on 10/24.  So, expect to see a heightened interest in the occult, at least through the end of October.

News: Mars was narrowly (about 81,000 miles) missed by comet Siding Spring on 10/19.  Expect to see the Turkish military keep its head down in the battle with ISIL/ISIS/IS.

News: Jupiter is now safely in Leo, having survived Cancer.  There is new hope that our medical problems can be solved.

Weather: With Mercury stationary on 10/25, look for cool temperatures to continue through autumn.

Personal: Asteroid 37 Fides having brushed by Uranus during October, you may now have some new friends at the dog park.


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