Glenn Wargo’s Astrology Notes #13

Due to the long pause in postings,  here is a heaping helping of horoscopic humor from AAI’s Glenn Wargo.


Weather: With Mercury in superior conjunction with the Sun on 12/08, expect more seasonable temperatures (which we had at the time, but then we got hit with this cold snap later in the month – The Astronomer)

Correspondence: With Jupiter stationary on 12/09, expect a letter from the electric company, even if it’s just a bill.

Politics:  Mars will be at perihelion (only 128.4 million miles from the Sun) on 12/12. Look for the newly nominated Secretary of Defense to be on the hot seat at Senate hearings.

Science: Asteroid 3 Juno was stationary on 12/14.  But, as usual, it won’t be long before Jupiter gets involved in shenanigans his wife will NOT stand still for.

Sports: With Mercury, swift-flying courier of the gods, not making it above the trees at the end of the day, don’t expect to find the Jets in postseason play (Another one of Glenn’s prediction that proved to be quite true – The Astronomer).

Travel: With Uranus stationary on 12/22, expect frustrating travel delays this week.

Mood Swings:  With Saturn, the ancient god of Time, in Scorpius, the sting of regret for paths not chosen and now forever closed is hitting you hard.   Soon you’ll feel like throwing away your calendar (Predicted accurately on 12/29/2014 – The Astronomer).

Weather: With the Earth at perihelion (only 91.4 million miles from the Sun) on 1/04 as the Quadrantid meteor shower from the obsolete constellation of Quadrans Muralis (the Wall Quadrant) continues to rain down, you’ll feel like staying inside your walls and snuggling up to something warm.


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